jueves, febrero 12

"Desde el silencio" se presenta en importante festival de Londres

Flamenco Company La Tipica presents " Desde el Silencio" in the Resolution! Festival.
Contemporary Flamenco Company based in London and are performing our piece "Desde el Silencio" into the Resolution!
Desde el Silencio is an original work, both in terms of choreography and music, and aims to explore the different possibilities offered by contemporary flamenco. The performers tap into strong emotional states supported and reinforced by the choreographic involvement of the musicians, creating dialogue between sound and movement and taking the audience on an intimate emotional journey.

Our company comprises a male and a female dancer and four musicians (guitarist, singer, violinist and percussionist). The music and choreography have been created collaboratively. The choreographer is Natalia García Huidobro and the Music is been composing by Jorge Bravo and the lirics by Ulises Díaz .

Monday 16th February at 20:00 h.
Resolution! at The Place
Robin Howard Dance Theatre
17 Duke's Road
London WC1H 9PY
(nearest stations: Kings Cross/Euston)
Tickets 5-15 pounds
Tickets and information 0207 121 1100